The weather was always changing. Maybe that was what was so fascinating about it. There was always something new to see. No two clouds ever developed the same way and no storm was like any other storm. Nasty weather is so powerful. Humans are dwarfed by its primary and secondary structures.

We change weather but primarily unentionally. We provide dust and other particles as catilysts for condensation. We provide water vapor and other gases that alter local climate and probably world climate. We change vegetation and thereby alter local water content enough to create deserts. I suppose if we planted forests we could reduce deserts as well. I just don't trust in our ability to manage such changes.

Forecasting has gotten better as our models have improved. But we are still confronted with things like out Thursday snow storm of January, 1996 when the winds were blowing from the gorge a bit more strongly than expected. We must understand that forecasts are for regions and for large weather structures. We don't dare try to predict one cloud.
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