CY Refueling

We have allowed the ignorant and the anti's to dominate discussions and policies regarding the cleanest, safest method for generating large amounts of electricity we have ever discovered. So instead of talking about being able to use electricity for anything we want without concern for supplies, we talk about conservation. We talk about 68 degrees in the winter. We talk about fans to augment the air conditioner in the summer instead of getting a larger air conditioner.

We have allowed the anti's to direct the discussion. Some of their basic assumptions are not even questioned any more. Why else would we be calling spent fuel "high level waste" and are only considering burying it in a "waste dump" instead of recovering the useful materials that constitute something near 90% of it's mass?

Instead of generating enough electricity to meet our desires we say we need to conserve. But instead of really conserving, we only conserve in ways that won't offend big businesses. We continue to allow and condone power hungry city lighting. But even less justifiable is the power consumed by advertising signs. I really don't necessarily have a hard spot with the advertising just with the values we place on types of power usage and our decisions regarding methods of electricity production.

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